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About Kate

Certified Dip ITEC ARCH


Kate founded Indalo Natural Health Cape Town in 2009. Formally a dance teacher and choreographer she has spent the last 17 years working and developing her knowledge in the natural health movement. Her work and studies have taken her around the globe, where she spent 4 years at the London College of Shiatsu and has accreditation in natural health science, nutrition and colon hydrotherapy. She spent three years in Copenhagen learning skills in permaculture and sustainable living and two years working part-time for the British forestry commission.

Kate is a mom of two children and works as a health coach, colon hydrotherapist and aromatherapist and is currently working and developing her skills oversea’s for young adults with learning disabilities.

Working closely with her community she follows her passion by keeping involved with locally based projects. A supporter of local farming and artisan produce, her studio is a collection point for several local producers and organic box schemes.

About Pinky

Massage therapist 


Pinky joined forces with Kate in early 2017 and contributes to the studio with her most magnificent healing massage hands. Originally from Limpopo, she has been working in Cape Town since 2014 and has lots of experience with Spa treatments. Her specialty is body brushing and skin scrubs which she finds adds a unique touch to her massage treatments. Great for detox and allowing for the skin to glow. The body scrubs are made at the studio with all organic natural ingredients, essential oils are offered with all the treatments at Indalo and our favorites include, lavender, orange blossom, lemon grass & a special local fynbos oil from the Confetti Bush – Wild Buchu commonly known as White Cape May. If a skin scrub is not on your list of relaxation therapies then you can opt for a simple aromatherapy Swedish style or if you are needing something more intensive ask for the ozone steam prior to a deep tissue massage. You will leave feeling deeply relaxed and rejuvenated.

Pinky also offers office visits where she brings her massage chair and acupressure skills to relieve head, neck and shoulder tension. Group together and you have a little wellness day set up without you even needing to leave your space.

About Susie

Path Guide

Susie Fletcher

A warm welcome to our latest therapist & facilitator Susie Fletcher.

Susie has spent many years abroad as an expat wife and mother to her two beautiful children. She has had the privilege of meeting lots of interesting souls along the way. During this time abroad she has explored her gift as a spiritual reader and healer through yoga, spiritual readings and life coaching all of which she is still currently practicing today and here at Indalo we have the pleasure to be able to offer Susie’s gift to you on a one on one basis.

Susie’s readings are precise, compassionate and very intuitive, whether it be an on going health issue, relationship matter or some simple life coaching advise and guidance, you will feel safe and held to explore your inner needs and ask questions along the way as to which path best suits your current life situation.

Please join this delightful elegant lady on a journey of self discovery and be delighted at what you discover on the otherside.

A powerful and healing reading from a very intuitive and gifted medium.

About Chi-Chi

Colon Hydrotherapist

Chi chi - Colon Hydrotherapist

Chi-Chi is an internationally accredited RICTAT trained colon hydrotherapist who started out her career in the health field as professional nurse and midwife. She discovered colon hydrotherapy whilst doing juice cleansing and decided to train as a therapist during a holiday in Thailand where she spent some time at a health retreat. She eats a high raw mostly organic whole plant food diet and advocates that one’s diet is core to maintaining health and detoxing is key to the prevention of illness and primary in any healing process. Her gentle manner and expertise will put you at ease to derive the full benefit from your treatment.

Chi-Chi also makes artisanal superfood raw vegan products which she sells at markets under her ‘Raw Chi’ label. Her passion is to bring nutritious and delicious together. You will find some of her wonderful artisan products available at Indalo Studio.

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