Bodywork & Massages


Detox Massage (1hr 15mins) – Special Offer R325

A full body massage using a combination of techniques that include deep tissue release, lymphatic drainage, Indian head massage and acupressure points. Using the finest quality aroma therapy oils, this massage is designed to shift stagnant energy within the body, to stretch out and release tension and to be deeply relaxing. The body is allowed to both detox and self heal through this effective combination of powerful techniques. Ozone steam sauna optional on request.

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Traditional Shiatsu (1hr 15mins) – R500

Shiatsu is a wonderfully deep relaxing form of body work. The client wears loose comfortable clothing and the treatment is received lying on a Japanese futon on the floor. The aim is to promote the free flow of energy along the body’s energy channels known as the meridians and to balance the elements within the body to enhance overall health and wellbeing. The various techniques applied use acupressure, stretching and rhythmic movements such as gentle rocking and rubbing to stimulate blood flow and ensure the whole body is balanced and energised.

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Acupressure, Head, Neck & Shoulder Massage (30mins) –┬áR250 or R150 pp if booked as a group of 10

A wonderfully effective head, neck, back and shoulder massage. Acupressure and gentle rubbing is used to release tension and muscle pain in those areas of the body subjected to strain and bad posture from prolonged sitting in our work spaces. This massage is applied through clothing, seated in our special ergonomically designed shiatsu chairs.


You can pay for your treatment by EFT or CASH. We do not accept credit cards.

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