Signature Treatments


The Sacred 7 

Experience a revitalizing full body cleanse with our carefully thought out 7 day detox program. You choose from 3 levels of detox, gentle, moderate or a deep cleanse. You will be guided as to which method suits your current state of health and busy lifestyle.  The program supports you through the whole 7 day journey and consists of three colon hydrotherapy sessions with a relaxing detox massage using the finest quality essential oils and the option to use the ozone steam sauna prior to each treatment is our gift to you. 120mins


Ozone & Colonic 

A wonderful combination of the Ozone steam bath and Colon hydrotherapy. The ozone gentle steams open the pores allowing for a gentle sweat and a deep revitalizing cleanse. Your whole body will be warmed through and your tissues relaxed and ready to receive the gentle flow of water that will flush out your system leaving you with the ultimate sense of wellbeing and vitality. Essential oils and relaxation music are used throughout the session and you will be offered a cup of fresh peppermint tea to end off your treatment. 90mins


Reflex & Release 

Take an extra 30 minutes out of your busy day to receive some blissful foot massage & reflexology. This effective therapy works wonders before receiving a colon hydrotherapy. The session starts with a herbal foot bath and scrub using the finest cleansing essential oils and sea salt. An exquisite foot massage is then given incorporating those vital reflex points to get you to relax, release and let go! You will then be taken into the warm and comfortable colonics suite and given the flush of your dreams! 90mins


The Glow 

If you want to glow on the inside and out, this is the treatment for you. Start with a revitalising colon hydrotherapy session to flush out all those excess unwanted toxins that are making you feel lethargic and your skin dull and lifeless. Enjoy 60 minutes of the hydrating warm filtered water gently flushing you clean. Relax with some background music, the aroma of essential oils like lemongrass and lavender and enjoy a tummy massage to help shift the bloat and anything that’s sticking to the sides. Once clean and somewhat lighter you can step into the Ozone steam bath to gently further your detox experience, unwind and relax and let the cleansing effects of the ozone work it’s wonders. After 20mins you will be feeling warm and relaxed enough to receive a deeply relaxing neck, back and shoulder massage before your blissful Dr Hauschka facial. This ultimate cleansing treatment will leave you feeling light, vibrant and glowing from the inside out. A complimentary freshly made health juice will be offered to you before you leave. 


The Works 

If you simply want to indulge yourself or you are a little under par and your system is feeling sluggish this 2.5 hour cleansing treatment package will put a spring in your step and have you sleeping like a baby. Start with either the deeply cleansing ozone steam bath to warm up your tissues sweat out some old toxins and unwind from all your stresses and strains or go straight for the gentle but effective colon hydrotherapy, with the warm filtered water irrigating and slowly removing the build up of old ’stuff’. Lay back, release and ‘let go’ as your therapist uses her healing hands to massage an essential blend of oils like lavender, peppermint & lemon into your Hara (tummy) for the ultimate release. With a smile on your face and some warm tea in hand you will be lead to the massage table where you will enjoy 60 minutes of silent and sacred bodywork. Massage techniques such as the Hawian LomiLomi are used along with gentle tissue release, lymph drainage, and Shiatsu acupressure points. Kate and Pinky work hand in hand to ensure you will have the most enjoyable couple of hours out of your busy day.

*Hara massage is used throughout the East as a way to promote health & detox of the skin & internal organs like the liver, gallbladder, kidneys & colon all of which are the major organs of elimination.

If you are interested in booking a separate 40minutes Hara session or simply want to learn more about this effective treatment drop us an email to

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